Saturday, 27 March 2010

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Friday, 26 March 2010


A fuller face is a younger face

Filler 4 Face is a facial care which fills out (fine) wrinkles from the deeper layers of the skin. The face appears fuller, smoother and younger.


Larger, formed breasts without plastic surgery

Up to one cup size and more without surgery - without risk.

This is the positive effect of the newly developed cream 4 Weeks Professional Forming, part of Dr. Juchheim’s range of Effect Cosmetics.


Fuller and voluptuous lips on a long-term basis

Volume 4Lips is an effect lip care.

The lips appear voluptuous and fuller. It emphasizes lip outlines and decreases the deepness of lip wrinkles. The lasting effect with immediate results is a novelty on the market.


Noticeably smoother and more beautiful

in only a few minutes

4Minutes Lift is a regenerating facial cream that nourishes, firms and smoothes the appearance of your skin. Wrinkles are clearly softened and your skin feels as soft as velvet.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easy, safe, effective

Four weeks after the beginning, the gynaecologists measured the bust again. The result was sensational and verified: the bust was enlarged by up to 4 centimetres. The breasts are visibly fuller and smoother. The tolerance and effect were mostly rated as excellent. Thus, the effectiveness of the innovative bio cream was verified scientifically. The enormous advantage: in contrast to former bust care creams, it does not affect the body's hormonal balance but the fatty tissue in the deeper layers of the bust skin. The décolleté becomes youthfully smoother, fuller, larger and firmer.

The basis of the biological skin cream is an active ingredient in the resin of the guggul tree, also known as commiphora mukul, which has been used for centuries. The guggul tree is also named Indian myrrh and mainly grows in India, the Arabian Peninsula and in some areas of Africa.

"I have tested 4Weeks Professional Forming and I am enthusiastic about it," reports Sybille G. (54) from Munich.

"I have always suffered from my small bust which did not harmonise with my body proportions and became flabby with increasing age. After only four weeks the first results became visible. After 2 months of regular application, my bust was enlarged from 109 to 114 centimetres. My breasts were fuller and more beautiful. Since then I have been more self-confident.

A new cream on a biological basis that firms and smoothes the bust.

Press - esthetic-line - Munich. 

A completely new skin care cream that enlarges and lifts the bust has been developed in the Munich esthetic-line clinic in several years of scientific work. The study with test persons carried out by the clinic proved an enlargement of the bust by up to 4 centimetres with several women. Four reputable Munich gynaecologists decided to verify the incredible result in another study. For that purpose, 15 women from 18 years up to an old age were chosen test persons. The test persons applied the skin cream to bust and décolleté twice a day. Before the start of the testing phase, the gynaecologists measured the bust on a level with the nipple.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Effect Cosmetics were eventually developed on the basis of all this knowledge.

Dr. Juchheim launched a series of application studies over a three-year period until he overcame all the obstacles. "Like the musicians and instruments in an orchestra," he explains, "the active ingredients in a cream have to be in perfect harmony in order to achieve optimum results. Even minor adjustments to concentrations can lead to completely different effects." His hard work paid off, and the result is a range of high-quality and efficacious biological products such as 4Minutes Lift, a facial cream that reduces wrinkles in only four minutes, 4Weeks, a cream that enlarges the bust and firms the skin in four weeks, Volume4Lips produces beautiful, full lips, and Filler 4 Face, a cream that lifts wrinkles from the base up. And incidentally, Dr. Juchheim uses his products himself, which is a great product recommendation. "When the day comes that I can't use my medical knowledge to help myself, it will be too late anyway," he says, which is why he has no medical insurance.
Then he stands up. It is late, and he has another early start tomorrow. In the morning, as on every other morning, he gets on his bike and cycles the 25 kilometres from his home in Grünwald to the city centre - part of his daily personal exercise regime to promote physical fitness and mental balance.

"Several pieces of the puzzle have to come together

to produce a full effect," he adds. Dr. Juchheim's Effect Cosmetics, too, are made up of different parts: traditional Ayurvedic medicine - which he has been using in his medical practice for 25 years already - the latest scientific findings and a never-ending quest to discover new and interesting interrelationships between different substances. Dr. Juchheim met desert dwellers while he was travelling through Senegal, Africa. When they found he was a doctor, they showed him how to use desert plants to treat wounds and nourish the skin. From that day on, he has been absolutely fascinated by desert plants. "Desert plants deliver maximum moisture, help the skin to regenerate fast and make it beautifully smooth," he explains. "That's because they contain rhizobian gum, a substance that is formed by micro-organisms in the plants' roots. Rhizobian gum is a gel that surrounds the roots and prevents the plant from drying out, even in extreme desert conditions." This knowledge was then supplemented by two further puzzle pieces. The first was a study on hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, especially if it is encapsulated in liposomes, to replenish the skin's natural hyaluronic acid content. The second is research, proving that a combination of hyaluronic acid, botanical substances and peptides can make the skin look fresher, younger, firmer and wonderfully smoother in only a few minutes.

That evening - a good doctor's work is never done

– he tells us about his personal definition of beauty that he developed when he was still a boy. "Beauty is about being harmonious and attractive, and health is just as important for beauty as is skin care. Another decisive factor for beauty is our inner balance and the aura that it gives us." Although his birthmark did not disappear as a result of this insight, he started to work on his self-confidence until it put the large birthmark in the shade, and the children stopped teasing him. The same principle was at work in the asthma patient. She felt so comfortable with her appearance that her inner balance was restored, and her asthma disappeared. "Our inner balance affects our entire body because it can boost or suppress our immune system," says Dr. Juchheim.
"If our inner balance gets knocked out of kilter, our immune system is weakened, we become more susceptible to sickness and our skin ages faster. And vice versa. People should take a holistic approach and get strong on the inside and on the outside. They should try to live in harmony with themselves."

A birthmark the size of a fifty-pence piece

made Juchheim's childhood difficult because the other children used to laugh when they saw it. That is why he has been committed to discovering the secrets of beauty ever since. Today, Juchheim is 57, has two children of his own, is a qualified medical consultant for aesthetic and regenerative medicine and immunology and has invented an unusual range of Effect Cosmetics containing active ingredients from desert plants plus peptides and hyaluronic acid. The products unite traditional Ayurvedic medicine with the latest scientific findings and partly let wrinkles disappear and regenerate the skin in only four minutes.
So what exactly has happened between the birthmark story and the launch of the Effect Cosmetics range? "I want to help," says the doctor succinctly. He comes straight to the point: there is a lot to do - his medical practice, his research activities, his journeys and his ceaseless curiosity about nature and life. As he heads towards the door, he relates the story of a patient who came to him for asthma treatment. "I treated her wrinkles," he calls from the corridor, "and her asthma disappeared." Humans are complex creatures and the woman's new self-confidence helped her immune system to regenerate. He says he will tell me the rest later, but he is now due in the operating room. And off he goes

The Dr. Juchheim Story

Dr. Jürgen Juchheim developed the unusual line of Effect Cosmetics. These holistic, biological cosmetics contain active ingredients from desert plants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Combining Ayurvedic medicine and the latest scientific findings, the result is a genuine power pack that delivers fast rejuvenation results. The idea for the cosmetic products was born many years ago when a small boy was teased by other children about his large birthmark as he tried to define his own concept of beauty.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dr. Juchheim Effect cosmetics

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The guggul tree – a source of healing and youth

"The guggul tree is a genuinely fascinating plant. Guggul resin has been used in all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years already. I am convinced that it will continue to gain significance in western medicine as well." (Dr. Jürgen Juchheim)

The West Indian guggul tree has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years. It is botanically classified as a member of the myrrh family, which is how it got the name of Indian myrrh. The resin of this tree is particularly useful in medical and cosmetic treatments. Ayurvedic physicians use guggul resin to treat a variety of conditions, from arthritis, skin conditions and bone inflammation, all the way to metabolic disorders and obesity. Western medical practitioners have now confirmed the resin's cholesterol-reducing properties.
The main active ingredient is a steroid called guggulsterone.

In the effect cream 4Weeks, the guggul resin stimulates two types of enzymes in the human body. These enzymes speed up the process of depositing fats (lipids) in the subcutaneous fat cells. As a result, the bust becomes fuller and the skin becomes smoother. This change is absolutely independent of hormonal influences.

Mist and dew absorption

There is a morning mist in some deserts. The plants there capture the fine mist droplets on their leaves or other areas and transport them straight down the stem to the roots.

Deep and extensive roots

Many deserts and steppes have residual water from past rainfalls deep underground (at depths of 20 to 100 metres). Some desert plants have deep tap roots to access this water. Some varieties can sustain green leaves all year round as a result of this root mechanism. The umbrella thorn acacia has developed a different mechanism. It speculates on minimal quantities of moisture which can be found everywhere in the ground and has an incredibly extensive root system to collect it. Some of the roots can even go down to depths of over 30 metres.

Water reservoir in the stem

Tree succulents (water-storing succulent plants) and large cacti have evolved with a sponge-like tissue in the stem. This is perfect for storing large quantities of water. Some tree succulents also shed their leaves in severe droughts so as not to waste any water.

Reflective layers of wax

Reflective layers of wax, a grey, pale surface, narrow, vertical structures that minimise a plant's exposure to sunlight, and spikes or hairs that reflect the sun and cast shadows on the plant's surface, all help provide effective protection against strong solar radiation and high temperatures. The aloe vera plant is an example of a plant whose leaves have a reflective surface.

Rhizobian Gumm

One of these tricks from nature's store is rhizobian gum. An active ingredient formed by micro-organisms in the root area of desert plants. It is a gel that surrounds the roots, so that the plants are protected during a drought and do not dry out, enabling them to survive for prolonged periods even without water.

People in Senegal, Africa, have been using rhizobian gum for ages to treat skin lesions and in skin care. This is because the strengthening gel does not only protect the roots of desert plants from loss of moisture, but also the human skin. Rubbed in with the plant substance, the skin becomes youthfully soft and supple.

"When I travel around the world, over and over again I notice how perfectly nature keeps everything in balance. For me as a physician, this is both a lesson and a hope." (Dr. Jürgen Juchheim)

The process of scientific research and discovery

may still have a long way to go, but there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of: Nature can give us everything we need to heal and look after ourselves. That's why I incorporate the traditional art of ayurvedic healing in my products." (Dr Jürgen Juchheim)

Desert plants – the water specialists

Desert plants are survivors, staying alive under the roughest conditions. Lengthy periods of drought and extreme temperatures have forced them to develop special skills. 1001 tricks have been contrived by Nature, nearly all of them dealing with protection and water storage.

NETWORKER around the World

TOP Networkers Wanted!

TOP Leader positions are awarded to executives.
Dr. Juchheim effect cosmetics launches in the Philippines and around the World.
Officielle global launch is in September 2010.
Here you have the chance to be at the TOP Leader of this new Network from Germany.
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Job Profile:

1. You should already have experience from other network companies.
2. Sufficient experience in the management of staff.
3. Team spirit
4. Absolute success will

New ways of beauty!

Were yesterday's breast surgery for breast augmentation or Botox for better-looking lips needed, so today we go new way with  
Dr. Juchheim's effect Cosmetic´s.
For centuries, ubiquitous in nature, NOW, the secrets were decoded allow us a painless.