Monday, 22 March 2010

Effect Cosmetics were eventually developed on the basis of all this knowledge.

Dr. Juchheim launched a series of application studies over a three-year period until he overcame all the obstacles. "Like the musicians and instruments in an orchestra," he explains, "the active ingredients in a cream have to be in perfect harmony in order to achieve optimum results. Even minor adjustments to concentrations can lead to completely different effects." His hard work paid off, and the result is a range of high-quality and efficacious biological products such as 4Minutes Lift, a facial cream that reduces wrinkles in only four minutes, 4Weeks, a cream that enlarges the bust and firms the skin in four weeks, Volume4Lips produces beautiful, full lips, and Filler 4 Face, a cream that lifts wrinkles from the base up. And incidentally, Dr. Juchheim uses his products himself, which is a great product recommendation. "When the day comes that I can't use my medical knowledge to help myself, it will be too late anyway," he says, which is why he has no medical insurance.
Then he stands up. It is late, and he has another early start tomorrow. In the morning, as on every other morning, he gets on his bike and cycles the 25 kilometres from his home in Grünwald to the city centre - part of his daily personal exercise regime to promote physical fitness and mental balance.