Monday, 22 March 2010

That evening - a good doctor's work is never done

– he tells us about his personal definition of beauty that he developed when he was still a boy. "Beauty is about being harmonious and attractive, and health is just as important for beauty as is skin care. Another decisive factor for beauty is our inner balance and the aura that it gives us." Although his birthmark did not disappear as a result of this insight, he started to work on his self-confidence until it put the large birthmark in the shade, and the children stopped teasing him. The same principle was at work in the asthma patient. She felt so comfortable with her appearance that her inner balance was restored, and her asthma disappeared. "Our inner balance affects our entire body because it can boost or suppress our immune system," says Dr. Juchheim.
"If our inner balance gets knocked out of kilter, our immune system is weakened, we become more susceptible to sickness and our skin ages faster. And vice versa. People should take a holistic approach and get strong on the inside and on the outside. They should try to live in harmony with themselves."