Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easy, safe, effective

Four weeks after the beginning, the gynaecologists measured the bust again. The result was sensational and verified: the bust was enlarged by up to 4 centimetres. The breasts are visibly fuller and smoother. The tolerance and effect were mostly rated as excellent. Thus, the effectiveness of the innovative bio cream was verified scientifically. The enormous advantage: in contrast to former bust care creams, it does not affect the body's hormonal balance but the fatty tissue in the deeper layers of the bust skin. The décolleté becomes youthfully smoother, fuller, larger and firmer.

The basis of the biological skin cream is an active ingredient in the resin of the guggul tree, also known as commiphora mukul, which has been used for centuries. The guggul tree is also named Indian myrrh and mainly grows in India, the Arabian Peninsula and in some areas of Africa.

"I have tested 4Weeks Professional Forming and I am enthusiastic about it," reports Sybille G. (54) from Munich.

"I have always suffered from my small bust which did not harmonise with my body proportions and became flabby with increasing age. After only four weeks the first results became visible. After 2 months of regular application, my bust was enlarged from 109 to 114 centimetres. My breasts were fuller and more beautiful. Since then I have been more self-confident.