Thursday, 13 May 2010

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 8

Can I apply Volume 4 Lips when I use lipstick first?
How often should I use Volume 4 Lips?
Does Volume 4 Lips have a long-term effect?
Do I have to stop the application if I have a tingling sensation?

Ideally, Volume 4 Lips should be used in the evenings. It can be applied over lipsticks, too. As required, Volume 4 Lips can be applied only in the evenings or several times a day. Volume 4 Lips does have a long-term effect and will increase the volume of your lips clearly. If you apply Volume 4 Lips, the immediate effect becomes noticeable and is accompanied by a tingling sensation and an increasing blood circulation. The tingling sensation is entirely normal. You do not have to interrupt the application.