Saturday, 22 May 2010

Most important news of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.

NEW! Weight Loss cream / anti-cellulite + Protein Drink

The Dr. Juchheim - research has succeeded in a novel to develop unique cream the cellulite and love handles can disappear within weeks.

The working principle of this Weight Loss cream for body modeling is sensational:

Using liposomes are natural acids into the fatty tissue of the subcutis
infiltrated. These acids penetrate into the fat cells and break the membrane of fat cells, so that the triglycerides (fats) are released and eliminated from the body. This working principle is based on the so-called "Weight Loss syringe. Now, it is now possible without an injection - but by simply reducing creams -, cellulite and fatty deposits.

In contrast to all conventional anti-cellulite - Beauty products, which mostly only work based on caffeine, is our new Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics Weight Loss Cream have highly effective - such as user testing showed.

The effect of this cream is a new type of dietary protein drink on hypo-allergenic base support, which currently also developed by Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics is. This protein drink meal can be replaced and thus a reduction in weight be achieved.

This Weight Loss Cream is in about 4 weeks - 5 available, the protein drink will be available in about 5-6 weeks.

Soon we will inform you about further details of our new products.