Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Important information from Munich,

sent to a partner from Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.


for dermatitis patients, our Filler4 Face is very well suited.

Filler 4 Face is made entirely without preservatives and problem skin is therefore very well tolerated.

Filler 4 Face provides the optimal skin and gently with moisture, which is very important in atopic dermatitis.

Soon there will be a new day cream. This also contains Argan oil and beeswax Panthenol.
This new cream is also recommended for eczema, as it soothes the skin and also
protects against damaging environmental influences. It can also be applied to Filler 4 Face.

With kind regards from Munich,

Diana Kühhirt
Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics

Importantly, it should be noted that the cream is no cure for eczema, but a cream that is suitable for dermatitis patients!