Saturday, 22 May 2010

Most important news of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.

New nutrient cream of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics!

We are particularly pleased to announce today a new Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics - Product. Our new nutritional cream for face care is produced using natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. The cream contains high quality argan oil, beeswax, vitamin A and E, panthenol and desert plant extracts. In addition, the cream a slight UV-day protection. The cream is a day cream, it can be applied alone or as an addition to Filler4Face and 4MinutesLift be. It is for all skin types, especially suited for dry skin.

This natural nutrient cream gives the skin the vitamins and trace elements, which they daily
needs. Argan oil also contain potent antioxidant compounds and beeswax,
which the skin from daily exposure to sun rays and protect environmental toxins, thus preventing the skin aging.
The new Nutrient Cream (50 ml) will be available in about three weeks with date from today.